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RYF Translate & Consulting, we offer professional translation services to our customers, quickly and without sacrificing quality. We produce fast and appropriate solutions for your translation needs with our sworn translator staff carefully selected according to their expertise and experience. Upload your file for 10% discount on your first orders, and your translation will begin right away!

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One of the important topics in translation is the case of notarization of the translation.

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One of the important topics in translation is the case of notarization of the translation.

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One of the important topics in translation is the case of notarization of the translation.

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Contact us for accurate translation in English, Russian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, French, Kazakh, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Turkmen, Azerbaijani, Ukrainian, Moldovan, Georgian, Arabic, Persian, Spanish, Italian and many more.

Notarized Translation

One of the important topics in translation is the case of notarization of the translation. After the translation is done, the notary approval of the sworn translator and the stamps of the translation office, according to the request of the institution requesting the translation, is called a notarized translation. As the Translation Office, we provide notarized translation services in many languages for all your documents and documents.

Power of Attorney Translation

Power of attorney translation is the translation of the power of attorney, which is a written document, in the target language by a qualified translator. A power of attorney is a written document proving that one person authorizes another person to act and make decisions on their behalf in certain circumstances.

Legal Translation

There are many types of documents in the legal industry that may require translation, including contracts, legal agreements, patents, court orders, and documents related to litigation or legal proceedings. In addition, legal compliance-related documents such as guidelines and policies may need to be translated to be understood by speakers of different languages. Other types of legal documents that may require translation include promissory notes, wills, trusts, and power of attorney documents.

Apostille Translation

Apostille certified translation is the service of certification by the district governorship after notarization of the sworn translation of documents that will go abroad, such as marriage certificate, identity, marriage certificate, certificate of appreciation, birth certificate, laboratory results, family certificate translation.

Contract Translation

There are many types of documents in the legal industry that may require translation, including contracts, legal agreements, patents, court orders, and documents related to litigation or legal proceedings. In addition, legal compliance-related documents such as guidelines and policies may need to be translated to be understood by speakers of different languages. Other types of legal documents that may require translation include promissory notes, wills, trusts, and power of attorney documents.

Academic Translation

Academic translation; is the translation of master's and doctoral theses, research papers and academic papers from one language to another.asdasdasdad The most important factor to pay attention to in academic translation is that the sentences are translated in accordance with their original form, without changing them in any way. With this feature, academic translation differs from other translation methods. Therefore, how to translate an academic article? The answer to your question is very important.

Medical (Medical) Translation

Medical translation; It is the process of translating all kinds of documents within the scope of the health sector from one language to another. Notarization and apostille approval may be required in addition to translation for some medical translation documents that are generally required by foreign markets. It is beneficial to get support from a translation office that has proven itself in professional and health translations.

Title Deed Translation

We offer high quality, professional and economical solutions for all the translations you need, with translators who have high sectoral knowledge and are experienced in this field. Offering title deed translation services in many different language options, the company allows you to gain privileges and advantages in every part of the world. In addition, it offers this service in accordance with the property law valid in different countries and in an understandable way. It is very important that the title deed translation processes are carried out by professionals and experts in this field, so that the institution or the person is not victimized. Performing this translation service in an error-free, correct and complete manner both prevents the occurrence of irreversible errors and prevents the loss of property of the person.

Online Article Translation

RYF Translate & Consulting respects your privacy and submits your articles to 3. never share it with anyone. Your translation is carried out by translators who are experts in the field of academic translation in many languages, keeping your satisfaction at the highest level. If necessary, our translator will complete your article translation by meeting with you one-on-one. Engineering, medicine, literature, history, etc. your scientific articles will be translated in accordance with the terminology by our translators who are experts in their fields. With our professional experience and years of experience, ryftranslate is one step ahead of you in all kinds of academic and article translations.

Conference Translation

Conference translation is a type of interpreting that is used in international conferences with participants speaking different languages to ensure communication between the speaker and the audience. It is a common and difficult type of translation. Conference translation service is provided by simultaneous interpreters. Within the scope of the conference translation service, the simultaneous interpreter transfers the speaker's sentences to the audience simultaneously. Simultaneous interpretation with the speaker ensures that the attention of the listeners is kept alive and that they can follow what the speaker is saying instantly.

Simultaneous Translation

The Turkish equivalent of the word 'simultaneous' is a simultaneous translation. From the English word 'simultaneous', it has passed into our language simultaneously. The meaning of the word simultaneous means simultaneously. As you can see from here, simultaneous translation means simultaneous translation. Interpreting works done in simultaneous translation are done instantly. The simultaneous interpreter translates directly to the opposite side without any time jumps during a conversation or dialogue.

Proofreading Service

Proofreading service, which is also expressed as proofreading in Turkish, is the correction of grammar, style, spelling and punctuation errors by examining the texts by a different person. Proofreading service is the process of improving the texts in terms of grammar and readability. After you send us the document you want to receive the service, our proofreading expert editor receives your document according to the type and content of your document and the process begins. The main point in this process is that the translated document looks like it was written in the native language and it is not clear that it is a translation. For this reason, our editors, who provide proofreading services, are highly skilled and experienced primarily in Turkish and then in the target language to be translated.

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    Quality is the most important factor in translation. Quality translation requires experience and knowledge. We have been continuing to serve with our expert translator staff since 2021. During this time, we have done our best to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and we have improved ourselves to provide quality service to our customers. Contact us now and join our happy customers!

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    • They completed the translation, notary approval and apostille processes in a period of 1 day and both shipped them and sent a digital copy via e-mail. When I had a question and contacted them, they responded very quickly, I recommend.

    • At first, I could not trust the internet environment, and I did not have the opportunity to do much research. They said it would be ready tomorrow. The necessary signature stamp and seal was printed and translated within 2 hours and delivered to me. Thank you very much

    • The fastest and most affordable translation service, I used it twice, I was very satisfied with both, I would definitely recommend it. Thank you RYF team.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Translation fees are calculated according to the language, word count and type of the translation to be made. If the number of words cannot be counted, the translation fee is calculated based on the number of pages and density of your document. You can contact us to get a clear price information about your file.

    Credit card payment option is available for translation transactions.

    RYF Translate & Consulting does not charge extra for translation services that require stamp and signature. You only pay the translation fee for the translation you have made. Contrary to popular belief, sworn translator stamping processes are not paid.

    Notarized sworn translation fees are determined by the sum of the translation fee and the notarization fee. For notarized translations, the certification fee may vary depending on the translation language and page density. Unfortunately, RYF Translate & Consulting has no chance to intervene in this price, since notary publics determine the notary certification fees.

    The main task of translation offices is to provide translation services to people in different languages. It is certainly not an easy process to have mastery over a language and to translate texts into those languages while preserving their meaning. In order not to make mistakes, especially in this area, people should be very careful and attentive. One of the main duties of translation offices is to bring together people who need translations in different languages with translators who have expertise in that field. When you want to provide translation services in many different languages of the world, you may need teammates with expertise in this field. As RYF Translate & Consulting, we support you in many important languages together with our professional translators.

    Translation offices are usually open between 8:30 am and 6:30 pm on weekdays. You can reach us through all our communication channels between 8:30 am and 18:30 pm on weekdays and between 9:00 am and 16:00 pm on Saturdays.

    Translation service is the name given to the process of translating different languages to different languages to individuals or institutions. This translation support is extremely important for the texts that work abroad or need to be prepared for use in the application processes. Translation services not only from Turkish to other languages, but also from many world languages into Turkish are among the services most preferred by individuals or institutions. As RYF Translate & Consulting, we provide professional translation services in many important world languages.

    People should pay attention to some important points while receiving translation services. Errors such as wrong or incomplete translation can be costly for people who receive translation services, both financially and morally. RYF Translate & Consulting aims to minimize the margin of error by passing your translations through a strict quality control process. RYF Translate & Consulting, with its many professional translators, guarantees to provide you with the highest quality and fastest translation service.

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